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Release Date March 4, 2022

Queen of Sacrifice
TBMP Book 1

Sacrifice was something she was used to. But will surrendering to her coven’s demands mean giving up on love?

Brie Danforth had lost much in her youth. As a vampire-hunting witch, her destiny was to be the best of her kind. Love wasn’t part of the plan and definitely not with a high-ranking vampire.
And when Nick shows up during one of her hunts, she can’t bring herself to end the handsome blood-sucker.

But when a surge of power knocks her unconscious, Nick is there to catch her instead of draining her. When fate puts the beautiful witch he helped escape from his brother’s torture years before in his arms, Nick refuses to let her disappear from his undead existence a second time… even if it means betraying his vampire life.

Will they have to forfeit their love to survive The Blood Moon Prophecy?

TBMP Book 1 Cover .jpg
TBMP Book 2 Cover.jpg

Release Date December 8, 2022

Queen of Darkness
TBMP Book 2

When darkness comes to claim Brie, will she be able to fight her way back to the light?

One battle doesn’t win a war, and peace never lasts. Brie Danforth is settling into her role as the Queen of the Witches with her love, Nick, by her side, but the repercussions of saving her father are stuck to her... literally.

And dark magic sings in her blood with a familiar song, a serenade of alluring power she struggles to ignore.

But when Nick is marked, he and Brie learn their fate is entangled deeper than they imagined. Each must lead their own people, and love might be the only sacrifice to stop The Blood Moon Prophecy.

TBMP Book 2 Cover.jpg
TBMP Book 3 Cover.jpg

Release Date February 14, 2023

Queen of Moons
TBMP Book 3

Brie will come face-to-face with Darkness one last time as she and Nick uncover an ancient secret about the prophecy no one saw coming. Will Nick stand with her when she is forced to make a decision that could end them both?

The honeymoon is over for Brie and Nick as the final two Blood Moons in the Tetrad loom over them. Brie learns of a hidden piece of Nick's past that he doesn't even know himself, and it changes the course of the battle with Darkness. 

But, when an old enemy returns, the fragile peace Brie and Nick have built between the witches and vampires shatters and threatens to divide them again. Families are splintered as new leaders rise, and no one is safe. Love will be the only sacrifice that can stop The Blood Moon Prophecy.

TBMP Book 3 Cover.jpg
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