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A Bit About Me

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Susan Person is a 2018 On the Far Side finalist in the dark paranormal category, and a 2019 The Shelia Contest Finalist. A former RWA member, she was a PRO member from 2015 and was a 2018 member of the PRO Steering Committee. For 2019, Susan served as the Assistant Chair of the PRO Steering Committee. She belongs to the North Texas Romance Writers in Dallas. She writes badass empowered heroines who take charge in their dark paranormal worlds. Recently, she returned to college to pursue a degree in anthropology and graduated this past May.

Susan grew up on a thoroughbred horse farm before moving to the big city of Dallas. She considers herself a Texan but is loyal to her home state of Arkansas. A lover of travel, she has visited several countries with many more to go on her list. One of her favorite trips involved dowsing over ley lines at Stonehenge. The outdoors are a place Susan finds inspiration and can often be found in a park, at the lake, or on a road trip. She especially loves the mountains. Furry animals hold a special place in her heart, and dogs tend to seek her out as a friend.


What an exciting years 2023 has been so far!

The final book in The Blood Moon Prophecy series released in February!  I was said to say goodbye to Nick and Brie, but the tears were worth it to hear how much you all loved the ending of trilogy!  


The first book, Fallen, in the Falling From Hell aeries released in August. I knew this book was darker and might meet more mixed reviews, but I'm proud of it just the same. Give it a read if you want to find out what Lucifer and Lilith's daughter, Morena, and her former friend turned guard discover when she celebrates a year of freedom among the humans.

This summer I attended both Inkers Con and the SPF Live Show in London., and this fall was focused on signings: All Shook Up in Graceland, Committed at the Stanley Hotel, and East Texas Book Bash.  Personally, I took a fabulous trip this summer with friends to Turkey and Greece. It was a dream trip!

For 2024, I hope to publish the last two books in the Falling From Hell trilogy and the last book in A Vampire Ice Age. Of course I have ideas already for the next series!

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