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Falling From Hell

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Release Date August 10, 2023

FFH Book 1

Unleash the inferno within as the Devil’s daughter and her former friend turned guard face a destiny both divine and dark.

The Devil’s Daughter

Raised to rule Hell. When you’re Lucifer and Lilith’s daughter, your twenty-first birthday is decision time. Would I choose to rule Hell like my father, or would I take my mother’s place as head of the night children?

Daughter of the Original Vampire

Raised to rule the Night Children. Her parents promised a year for Morena to live among humans before she had to make her decision.

But she didn’t count on her former friend Jax coming with her as her personal guard. Certain he has sworn an oath of allegiance to her parents, her hopes of him returning the feelings she’s had for him for years are crushed.

A deadly angelic artifact

Jax swore to Morena’s parents to protect her at all costs, but he didn’t know he would be facing off against archangels and their stolen angelic artifacts. When one artifact corrupts powerful angels and demons alike, Morena is the only one who can stop it from bringing Hell to Earth and Jax can’t do the one thing he promised… keep her safe.

The future Queen of Hell’s divine path can lead her somewhere unexpected, or she might burn the world down instead. After all, she was meant to do both.

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Release Date March 14, 2024

FFH Book 2

Available for Pre-Order


The heir to Hell, the daughter of the original vampire, and now the balance between realms

She is expected to handle it all. And for Jax? She will burn down anyone and everything to save him.

The half-demon, the sworn guard, the former vampire

He finally has a chance to be Rena’s equal. The catch? It will only happen if he can stitch the pieces of his soul back together that are scattered across the realms in time. And he’ll destroy anyone standing between him and his love.

The balance, the scale, the intersection

But when an unexpected enemy kidnaps Jax, will Rena be able to free him before their enemy drains him dry and permanently tips the scales straight into Armageddon?

Reverie is the second book in the Falling From Hell paranormal romance series by Susan Person that ends on a soft cliffhanger. This book contains some dark themes that might not be for all readers. Reading Book 1, Fallen, first is recommended


Reverie first mock up.jpg

Release Date Coming Soon

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FFH Book 3

Coming Soon

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