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In Blood & Ice Release Update

Delayed Release for In Blood & Ice

Hi Everyone - I wanted to sadly share that In Blood & Ice is delayed for release. I wish I could say it was a comedy of errors, but there really hasn't been much humor leading up to this decision. There are a few factors impacting the release. Some is illness related, my own and those helping making the release happen. Also, I wanted to be able to offer you a hardback choice, and there is a timing issue in making that happen. I could have released it in ebook form first, but I really wanted you to have all options on release day. The biggest concern for me is that I want you to have the best version possible, and I do not feel the book is there. As many of you know, I am also in my last semester for my anthropology degree, so not releasing this week becomes an additional scheduling issue.

Friday, January 22, was an very important release day to me as it is my mother's birthday, and it made this decision even harder. I really wanted it out as a tribute to her too.

The big question everyone will want to know is when will it be out. The official date is not set yet, but it will be this year. I am hoping for March, but reallistically with my semester schedule, it will likely be after graduation in May. I promise it will be out this year, and I promise to update you as soon as I have a new release date to share.

I hope you understand and stay safe.



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