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The Falling From Hell Series

The Blood Moon Prophecy Trilogy

Queen of Moons

The final book in The Blood Moon Prophecy Trilogy is here!

Queen of Sacrifice

 Book 1


Meet Brie and Nick -

Brie's believed her destiny was to be a vampire hunter... until she fell in love with one and started The Blood Moon Prophecy.

Queen of Darkness

Book 2


Brie and Nick -

When darkness comes to claim Brie, what will she do? When Nick is thrust into a role he never wanted, what will it mean for their relationship?

A Vampire Ice Age Series

In Blood & Ice


Meet Josie and Vin -

A brutal ice age and failing blood stores force ex vampire lovers on a doomed mission. But will the long buried secrets they uncover pull them apart?

Reclamation In Ice


Josie and Vin -

Will their love story continue? Josie wants to live a long vampire life with her family. But can she and Vin keep them safe from their dangerous enemies in this brutal ice age?

Image by Rhett Wesley

"Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art"

Claude Debussy

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