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A Vampire Ice Age Series - Book 1

In Blood & Ice


Meet Josie and Vin -

A brutal ice age and failing blood stores force ex vampire lovers on a doomed mission. But will the long buried secrets they uncover pull them apart?

A Vampire Ice Age Series - Book 2

Reclamation In Ice

Josie and Vin -

Will their love story continue? Josie wants to live a long vampire life with her family. But can she and Vin keep them safe from their dangerous enemies in this brutal ice age?

Available Now!
The Blood Moon Prophecy - Book 1

Queen of Sacrifice


Meet Brie and Nick -

Brie's believed her destiny was to be a vampire hunter... until she fell in love with one and started The Blood Moon Prophecy.

The Blood Moon Prophecy - Book 2

Queen of Darkness


Brie and Nick -

When darkness comes to claim Brie, what will she do?

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